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jHylJ7Gsh8X (23.03.2014 17:38):
I'm sorry not to approve Mr Krugman, but his way to think is etcxaly the same as the one Natixis and others big banks advocates exposed during the 2007-2008 crisis."Crisis? What crisis? It's just a stupid wave of anxiety across some investors or politicians. They should better keep quiet and go on with business as usual, and all fears will disappear".Unconveniently, "market attacks" are not the cause of bankruptcy, but its consequence. Indeed, bankruptcy becomes tangible only when the consequence is drawn, that is, when potential lenders (private banks, ECB or others) must reluctantly admit that "er we just can't give away to somebody who will never reimburse it!".But if you open your eyes and state a ship has sunk, should you be held responsible for sinking the ship?There may be lenders of last resort, there are no donors of last resort, as far as States are concerned.

NfSoBPuMWQnmU (15.06.2013 07:08):
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