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S0w1Kwq9Y8 (24.03.2014 18:35):
The door is open a crack. People are going to take advantage. If this doesn't<a href=""> hpapen</a> now, in ten or fifteen years it won't seem quite so freakish. It will be mainstream cool and people who object will be called narrow, backward thinking bigots.

6q4d2MqNTVvm (24.03.2014 06:10):
That's just sick.The first commentor was creroct though. What is "wrong" and "sick" can become the "norm" if there isn't huge resistance against it.You know what's next??? I'll bet people will marry their pets. I'm not kidding either. There are enough goofy people around who treat their pets as their "spouse." [url=]unfeqnoj[/url] [link=]ynwksopq[/link]

utkV8KF4Dr (23.03.2014 15:15):
Although it is still more generous to the <a href="">pratvie</a> investors than they deserve, there is still some risk to them.As I understand it, the collateral that is purchased (for a price of .30 on the euro) is a 30 year zero-coupon AAA euro bond. This implies a yield of 7.78% - way above the current 30-year AAA euro rate.If (or, rather, when) Greece defaults, the <a href="">pratvie</a> investors will lose their 30-year bonds, yielding between 5.5% and 8.0% (depending on GDP), and they will instead be replaced with the collateral - zero yields for the same maturity. That is a significant haircut for the <a href="">pratvie</a> investors.

VlNP0ssNW (23.03.2014 11:09):
I agree that a workable soltuion needs to be found to get medium-term respite and that the "Frech model" will not refund 100%.I feel that this situation with Greece and other risky countries(PIGS/PIIGS)has been fueled up with speculation to obtain higher remuneration -greed- from loans given without professional/expert prior analysis. That "all" those involved in this big crisis :UE, Brussels Commission, Eurozone, ECB,Finance Ministers of the Eurozone and UE,IMF,and last but not least Greece itself, are to be heavily blamed and sanctionned.I therefore think that the notations agencies, which are to be severely blamed too, for not having seen this situation coming long before it happened, should now be realistic and not shield anymore private investors by alleging that their participation would be considered default. Because these same private investors have put at great risk funds which far less informed individual people who have confided their "money" to them inadvertently, allowed them "indirectly" to invest in such high risk loans.We are in a repeat situation of the Lehmann case,and without being any kind of financial expert,I think that continuous protection of private investors and speculators of all kinds needs to be severely repressed. Seemingly measures have been partially taken(?),for sure a lot of talk has been going on. Now, here is a situation which would allow to sanction these private investors, including even the ECB who bought up masses of Greek bonds to "hold" the situation. "Hold" from what? To propose naming a European Minister of Finance with no authority and no political power: is that a well matured soltuion, or another half baked measure!?All this to avoid "panic"? - a run to the banks (1929-30) (i.e. Lehmann...) . Well, some sort of great "panic" has been installed because the Greek situation is the detonator of a lot of conceptual and political mistakes in the Eurozone, which created an incomplete monetary union, and not an economic union with political power (11 years have gone by!),which most probably would not have been possible due to absence of political will?. If the "final soltuion" is to oblige the other Eurozone (UE) countries to take over "temporarily" (best scenario, because it implies that Greece's recovery was succesfull), like if this was an economic union where such solidarity was incribed in the marble, if the Greek austerity plan turns out to be a fiasco, who pays for all this ?:the tax contributors in each country!And one of the majorreasons being that UEcountries' governements are not keen to have electors and tax payers find out the high amounts that are exposed to great risk at banks and or other private financeers,not only in Greece,but in"PIGS/PIIGS" countries and others.Accordingly,all supranational organizations,UE(Eurozone,governements and finance ministers, and notation agencies, better find realistic soltuions which do not fall on the head of taxpayers.

QRymsMHHTRefHZBxcfk (13.06.2013 17:37):
lathos stin trapeziki iitsimoa alla kai sto dolario poy anafereis.Otan tha vgoume apo to euro h iitsimoa tha epaneksetasthei vash statheron nomismaton [ p.x. Elvetia, Singapore, ktl ] apo xores poy den parousiazoun taseis xreokopeias p.x. Amerikh.O diafimistis den ekane kanena lathos [ ektos kai an nomizeis oti h Ellhnikh koinothta sthn Germania antedrase toso entona epidis kapoios diafimistis ekane lathos] dioti kai o presvis mas stin Germania eipe " KALH H IDEA SAS ALLA EIMASTE AKOMA STO EURO " opote pisteyo oti enas presvis pote den kanei tetoioy eidoys dhloseis ean den kserei ti paizete.Oso gia to an eixe kapoios 340.000 draxmes stin trapeza to 2002 oti tha parei pali 340.000 den ksero poy to eides alla einai lathos dioti h iitsimoa draxmhs euro 340.750:1 Htan gia thn agora euro kai oxi antistrofa opote ayto tha kanonisti apo to poso poy tha agoraseis pleon ths draxmes.Ena akoma lathos einai na pisteyeis oti h eyropaioi tha agorasoun euro apo emas.....Antithetos emeis tha poylhsoume ta eyro gia na paroume draxmes kai h iitsimoa den prokeite pote ma pote na einai megalyterh apo to poso poy mas poylhsan to euro, dhladh 340.750 draxmes.Ta senaria peri 600 draxmon ana euro einai oneira h kalyetra senaria epistimonikis fantasias, ayta tha mporousan na ginoun metapolemika kai oxi stin shmerinh katastash dioti opos sou anafera poio pano tha pame na agorasoume thn draxmh kai oxi na poylhsoume euro [ mikrh akoustika diafora alla megalh se trapeziko epipedo ] enas logos poy den mas afhnoun na kyriksoume ptoxeysh einai kai aytos dioti ean kyriksei ptoxeysh aytomata tha pame sto senario ton 600 draxmon opos episis kai to oti gnorizoun poly kala oti h draxmes tha einai tameiaka axrhstes apo 1.1.2012.